What are the best legal anime sites?

Japan anime is gaining more and more popularity in the world. But most of the series are not available offline and they are only present online. Thus in order to watch latest episodes of series or find the collection of the anime series you want, a high quality anime site is needed that can provide you various collections and have latest follows is very important.

After years of selection by fans on internet by going back and forth i found out some of the anime website that stand out and become the go-to website for anime fans which offer the fans a smooth anime streaming experience are mentioned below, tell us what you thought in the comments section.

Where can I watch anime legally?

1 – Funimation
2 – Crunchyroll
3 – Hulu
4 – Netflix
5 – Anime-Planet

Is Anime-Planet legal?

Is Anime-Planet legal? Yes it is, it’s kind of affiliation type website which works similar to youtube channel concept they show anime videos legally and for that they get a portion of earning from the real content provider which is crunchyroll and funimation.

Does Anime-Planet has only dub anime?

Does Anime-Planet has only dub anime? Yes it has both dubbed and subbed anime which you can watch for free but there will be some advertisement similar to youtube.

what are the sites which doesn’t have ads?

what are the sites which doesn’t have ads? well there are no sites which doesn’t have ads but if you want you can purchase their plan and there will be no ads on the site while watching shows.

Japanese anime is really magical. You can find yourself on one of the character and learn something from it. just after watching some of the anime series it will grow on you and you will see that it because a part of your daily life routine which you can’t avoid. Also, it is a good and efficient way to experience Japanese culture if you are crazy about Japan. I believe you can find some of the website mentioned above good enough for your need.